Dear Friends and Members of the Chapel,

Here are a few online resources for Ash Wednesday, February 17, 2021. You may already have a favorite online space where you can be present virtually anywhere in the world!

The world is your oyster as far as virtual worship goes and this Ash Wednesday it is the safest option for us in the middle of a pandemic.

The first link is from our denomination PCUSA.

The second article is from my colleagues in Southern California who have collaborated to bring these offerings for Ash Wednesday with a focus on social justice, racial justice and hope.

I will be sending out Vital Congregation Initiative prayer cards as we take these 40 days to pray for the Chapel’s mission after our facilitator, Dr. Kegley helped us unpack our survey results and focussed us on the year ahead.

Here again is the link to the PCUSA Lenten online devotion:
LENT ONLINE – if you are looking for a devotional guide for Lent go to

Lenten Devotional

Lenten Journey to Peace and Wholeness – The Way to Shalom.

God bless to us this journey,

Pastor Linda

Chapel by the Sea